Passenger Briefing

Please Review Prior To Your Flight!

Welcome to the Napa Valley Aerodrome and we thank you for choosing the Napa Valley Biplane Company to experience the thrill and exhilaration of open cockpit flying. Please take a few minutes to review the following very important information. Our primary concern is that you have a safe and enjoyable flight and it is for this reason that we ask you to adhere to the following safety guidelines:

1. All passengers are asked not to board, or deplane the aircraft unless a ground, or flight crew member is present to assist you. Passengers should always board or deplane the aircraft with the assistance of a crewmember.

2. Passengers are asked to exercise caution when boarding the aircraft and entering, or exiting the aircraft’s front cockpit. Do not step on any silver wing surfaces during boarding, or deplaning, step only on the black colored wing walks directly adjacent to the front and rear cockpits. Do not touch, hold onto, lean against or sit on the aircraft’s windshield’s at any time to assist yourself in boarding, deplaning, entering, or exiting the front cockpit. The black leather side padding surrounding the cockpit edges are meant to be used for this purpose. Passengers should step on the aircraft’s front seat cushion with both feet when entering and exiting the front cockpit area.    

3. Your seat belt should remain comfortably fastened for the entire flight. Your pilot or a ground crew member will brief you on the use of your seat belt and insure that it is properly fastened.

4. No smoking is allowed on the aircraft at any time, or within 50 feet of the aircraft while it is parked on the airport ramp. All loose personal articles of any kind should be left behind. Passengers can take a still, or video camera along for the flight as long as it is held on to and kept in a secure position at all times. Since the air slip stream created by the forward movement of the aircraft will be equivalent to a car moving at approximately 100 miles per hour, cameras, as well as hands and arms should be kept within the inside protected area of the cockpit at all times. At no time should you ever place your hands, or cameras outside the protected area of the front cockpit!

5. The front cockpit has a complete set of aircraft instruments and controls. Passengers are not to touch, manipulate, or interfere with any of the aircraft’s controls, or instruments during ground or flight operations.

6. Our aircraft is equipped with a pilot to passenger intercom system, which will allow passengers and their pilot to communicate if needed. Passengers will also be able to hear Air Traffic Control Communications during the course of their flight. At certain times the pilot may have to isolate himself from the intercom system in order to communicate with Air Traffic Control, or to perform other cockpit tasks. The intercom is turned “on” by the pilot when needed and “off” during takeoff and landing. On the left side of each headset is an individual volume control knob.

7. Children should be kept under close supervision at all times and should not be  allowed  to  approach  the aircraft without an adult. Passengers and children should not touch, or stand near the aircraft engine, or propeller at any time.

8. Due to the size of the aircrafts front cockpit, passenger size and weight are a factor that must be considered by the pilot for a ride to be given. FAA operational safety requirements may prohibit a passenger from being able to take a flight for this reason. Your pilot will make this decision if there is any question. Weather and wind are also important factors, which must be evaluated by your pilot prior to your flight. Passenger should be in good general health. Payment by cash or check is required prior to departure.

9. At the completion of your flight please remain seated until your pilot, or other ground crew personnel come forward to assist you in exiting the front cockpit.

10. The duration of each flight is timed from engine start to engine shut- down. If you have any additional questions please ask your ground crew, or pilot.

Thank You For Flying With
The Napa Valley Biplane Company!